Workflow to create tasks in Asana

Create tasks and manage projects in Asana when evaluators are assigned to assess an employee.

When you use Asana as a project management platform to manage different tasks, you would want to track the 360 Assessments within it. In that case, you can set up workflows in SurveySparrow to integrate with Asana. Implementing and managing the 360 Assessments just got easier! Let’s see how it’s done.

Setting up the workflow


1 . After creating an assessment, navigate to the “Integrate” tab.

2. Click on the “New Workflow” button. A slide-in panel will appear.


3. Under the Basic details, enter a name and description to identify your workflow.


4. Under Event, choose the “When Evaluators are assigned to the Subject” option from the drop-down.

5. Moving into the Action section, enter the callback URL as “”.


6. Add the headers and use the bearer token generated in Asana for authentication.

7. Under Content, you can set the payload with the required data to create a task in Asana.


Here’s a sample payload to create tasks in Asana and assign it to corresponding users dynamically. By storing the employees’ Asana user id in the SurveySparrow’s contact properties, you can use a placeholder in the payload to access it.


  "data": {

    "approval_status": "pending",

    "assignee": "{subject_assignee_id}"  ,

    "assignee_status": "upcoming",

    "completed": false,

    "due_on": "2022-09-15",

    "html_notes": "<body>Please <em>complete</em> the evaluation.</body>",

    "liked": true,

    "name": "360 Assessment Reminder created using workflow",

    "projects": [



    "resource_subtype": "default_task",

    "start_at": null,

    "start_on": null,

    "workspace": "1202835340447330"




8. Click on the “Create” button to complete setting up the workflow.


The workflow will be triggered whenever an evaluator is assigned to a subject. 


Let’s say the subject is allowed to self-evaluate and nominate evaluators. From the Build tab, go to the Settings section. Please refer to the image below to enable the necessary options.


When the subject is invited for self-evaluation, a task will be created for the subject in Asana.


The subject can log in to their portal and nominate the evaluators.


Once done, the approver will receive an approval request.


Only upon the approver’s approval will a task be created in Asana for the other evaluators.



  • Please refer to the Asana developer's documentation to get the details related to creating tasks in Asana.
  • If the evaluator is not added as a user in Asana’s workspace, the Assignee field will be set as blank in Asana when the workflow is triggered.


Please reach out to us if you have any questions. We are just a chat away!