What does Choice Selection Validation feature do?

The Choice Selection Validation feature is an enhancement meant for the multiple-choice question type. You can now define the number of selections that can be made by your survey’s respondents. This helps to collect data that is more accurate and free from bias.

Use case: 

You are running a brand awareness survey and want to engage your audience with a fun quiz about your brand ambassador. Using the Choice Selection Validation feature you can keep your multiple-choice question type more versatile. 

Depending on the question, your respondents can - 

  • Make an unlimited number of selections

  • Select the exact number that you have specified

  • Select any number of choices that is within the added range.

How it works :


1. After creating a multiple-choice question, switch on the Multiple Answers toggle button.

2. Select Range from the drop-down.

3. Set the minimum and the maximum number of choices that can be selected by the respondents.

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