How to use SurveySparrow Webhooks?

Send data from your survey to the URLs specified using Webhooks

Wish you could deliver real-time data to other applications? Let’s introduce you to Webhooks!

Webhooks help you communicate with third-party applications by pushing your survey data to a configured URL called the Webhook URL. Every new survey response triggers a request to the configured webhook URL along with the survey response data. 

For instance, webhooks are extremely useful for integrating with online ticketing software like Freshdesk and Zendesk. Survey responses can be tracked and monitored without the hassle of switching between two software. 

So with webhooks, you get real-time, instant information which saves you a ton of stress and effort! 

Let’s see how Webhooks are configured:

  1. On your survey page, click on the Integrate icon. 


2. You will be directed to the Survey Integration page. Click on the Webhooks tab.


3. To create a new Webhook, click on the Add New Webhook Icon.


4. On the Webhooks page, you will find all the configurations required to set up your Webhook. Enter your Webhook URL under the ‘Call Back URL’ field. This is the desired destination of your survey data. 


5. You can also choose the placeholders according to your preferences. Click on Choose Placeholders to select one. 

Here's a preview of the list of placeholders you can make use of to pull and pass the details. 

Screenshot 2021-08-13 at 7.44.13 PM

Screenshot 2021-08-13 at 7.44.36 PM

Screenshot 2021-08-13 at 7.45.01 PM

Screenshot 2021-08-13 at 7.44.51 PM

6. When you’re done, click on the ‘Save Details’ icon. 


Now you’re all set to receive real-time survey data instantly! 

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