How to enable Voice Transcription?

Real-time conversion of recorded audio into a text format.

What does the Voice Transcription feature do? 

With the new Voice Transcription feature, you can record your voice, let the system convert it into a transcribed text format, and submit your survey responses, in real-time.  

Advantages of the Voice Transcription for your Business

  • You can process real-time verbatim transcription, thereby understanding your respondents’ thought-process behind every open-ended question.  
  • Voice Transcription drastically reduces the time and effort required for respondents to type and submit the responses for their survey
  • The transcribed responses tend to be extremely accurate that helps you understand your respondents’ emotions, sentiments, and more. 
  • Voice-driven data will help your customer-facing teams take immediate actions and achieve satisfied customer services.  

Let’s see how the Voice Transcription works. 

1. On your new survey or an existing one, create a text question along with the other questions, to survey your audience.

2. Enable the Voice Transcription toggle under Options, to convert the spoken survey responses into a transcribed text format. 

Note: Voice Transcription works only for the Text Questions

3. Now, when a respondent takes part in your survey and answers the question for which the Voice Transcription is enabled, you can collect voice-transcribed responses in the Results tab.

4. Let’s show you a demo. 


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