Using Google Tags Manager with Embed Share

Sick and tired of manually changing your website code every time you want to embed a survey in your web pages? So are we! With Google Tags Manager, you can incorporate the SurveySparrow mechanism into your website without changing the site code. 

Let’s see how this works:

  1. On your survey dashboard, go to the Share page and select the Embed Share option. 


Copy the HTML code and save it. 

Note: In case of inline embed, the survey will show up at the end of your web page. 

2. Sign in to your Google Tags Manager account.

Select ‘New Tag’ to add a new tag.

3. Under the Tag Configuration section, select the Custom HTML option. This will be your tag type. 


4. Paste the code in the space provided. 


5. Now under the Triggering section, you can select your trigger conditions from the existing list of triggers. 

Or if you wish to add a new trigger, click on the plus(+) icon on the top-right corner of your screen. 


6. When you’re done, click on Save.

Use Case:

Suppose you want your survey to show up on a specific web page.

  1. In your Google Tags Manager account, create a new tag and select 'Page View' from the trigger type menu. 


2. Select the ‘Some Page Views’ option to specify the web page. 


3. Enter the keyword that the page URL should contain. In this case, it is ‘about’(refer to the image below).


4. Finally, name your trigger and save it.


5. Voila! Now the survey shows up on the web page that you had specified. 


Now you’re all set! You’ve just saved yourself a ton of time and effort in embedding a survey! 

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