How to create striking survey themes?

Crafting engaging surveys is very crucial to gather accurate feedback from your users and spike up the survey completion rates.
With survey themes, you can create elegant surveys that capture the attention of your audience. You can either browse & pick from the themes gallery we have created or make one of your own.
Moreover, you can modify a theme from the gallery. This is done by cloning the theme first. To customize an existing theme: 

  1. Select the theme you wish to edit.

  2. Click on the Edit Button that appears on the theme. 

While you create your themes, you can set the:

  • Color: Set the color of the questions, buttons, background, header and such, that blend well together.

  • Font: You can choose from over 20 font families and customize different fonts for questions and buttons & options.

  • Background Image: You can upload an image (jpg or png) with size up to 5MB. You can adjust the size & position of the image along with the option to repeat the image as tiles. You can also pick the Blending option to match the image with the background color. 

  • CSS Customization: You can do advanced styling and customize any aspect of your theme by employing HTML and CSS.

  • Click the Save & Apply icon to create your custom theme. 



Please note the theme you create for one UI (chat & form) cannot be used for the other.
Go ahead and create stunning surveys to engage your audience easily and gain pertinent feedback.