Survey Settings

Configure Survey Settings to choose and use the various features available.

Survey setting options in SurveySparrow let’s you edit and set different features available in the settings of your survey. 

To configure Survey Settings, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Settings icon, which you can see on the left side of the builder page.


2. Once you click on the Settings icon, you will be redirected to the Survey Settings page.

Within the Survey Settings in SurveySparrow you can do the following:- 

1. Edit your survey title under Title.

2. Categorize your survey into desired folders under Folders.

3. Change language preference under Language.

4. Customize or choose your default survey URL under Survey URL.



Also, under Access in Survey Settings, you can choose to:

a. Track responders IP (click to track and collect the IP address of your respondents).

b. Allow multiple submissions per user

c. Allow users to edit & resubmit the responses

d. Allow users to send a copy of response to themselves

e. Limit the number of responses this survey can get

f. Set Cut-off Date and Time (configure to automatically close collecting responses).

g. Password protect your surveys


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