Smart Lists & QR code 360 Assessments

What is Smart Lists in 360 Assessments?

Segment subjects, evaluators, and approvers, the better way!

Smart Lists in 360 Assessments lets you create a dynamic list of your participants who are involved in the 360 feedback survey. You can easily glance through the evaluators, subjects, and approvers, all in one place. You can further segment the participant list based on multiple filter options like contact properties, evaluators, respondents, and more. 

Once you’re happy with the list view, name and save it for future references.

Let’s see how it works. 

  1. Create a 360 feedback survey and navigate to the Integrate tab
  2. Click on +Create New List under Smart List to create a dynamic list for your 360 degree Feedback Survey.  

3. The first step is to select to whom you wish to restrict the listing.  In our case, we’ve selected subjects.

4. Now, it’s time to set the filtering criteria and get all the participants to the list. 

5. Click on +Add filter group to segment participants based on the filter conditions. Once they meet the criteria, they’ll be added to the list. 

6. In our case, we’ve segmented the subjects whose email addresses contain 

7. You can add multiple filter groups based on your needs. 

8. Once you’re happy with the list view, name and save the list for future references. 

You can segment participants  based on filter options like: 

  • Subjects who have more than 5 evaluators
  • Evaluators who have more than 5 pending evaluations
  • Evaluators who are evaluating more than 5 subjects 
  • Approvers who have 5+ pending approvals 
  • Approvers who have 5+ requests for evaluations
  • Contact properties like Name, Email, Region, Department, Manager Email, and so on. 

And more. 

9. Once the list is created, select the list.

10. Now, you can add participants manually, send invites, export or import the list, glance through the requests, pending approvals, approval rate, contact properties and more in one place. 


Advantages of Smart Lists

1. Segment participants based on contact properties 

Easily segment participants involved in the 360 feedback survey and put them all in one place. Segment subjects, evaluators, and approvers based on assessment status, contact properties, and more. 

2. Import, export, and add participants

Create a neat view of all the segmented participants, name and save it for future references. Add new ones or import them in bulk as a CSV. Export the list and share it with the HR team for any internal communication. 

3. Save tons of manual hours

Free up time on filtering out participants, the manual way. From pending evaluations to approval requests, create a list of all the participants effortlessly. Add more columns to get a detailed list view. 

4. Remind evaluators to complete their assessments

Send invites to all the evaluators whose assessment status is pending. Enable notification to remind them to complete the assessment.