How to use Skip Logic?

How to implement skip logic as you create your survey

Skip Logic allows to send your respondents to a different question in the survey based on their response. In this manner, they can skip answering irrelevant questions without even seeing it. 

How does it work? 

Skip Logic reroutes the survey flow based on a particular criteria. You can define a criteria based on parameters like response o a question, Contact information, Survey share channel or Custom param. Once the criteria has been met, you can - 

  • Branch to a later question in the survey based on previous input - You can skip one or more questions based on the response to the current or previous questions. 

  • Branch respondents to Thank you Page and complete the response - The survey response can be completed if the response meets the specified criteria.

  • Redirect respondents to an external URL. - You can get the respondent redirected to a URL if the response meets the criteria.


Once you have created the survey with multiple questions, 

  1. you can select the question from where you wish to initiate the branching. Select Logic >> Skip Logic 

  2. Create the logic criteria based on the parameter you wish to trigger the logic.

  3. Once you create the criteria, you can select the action from ‘Then Jump To’ dropdown. The actions include branching to a desired question, Thank you page and ending the survey or redirecting to a URL.



For a customer experience survey on online purchase, you can skip a list of questions asking about the experience if the individual has not made the purchase. 

  • When a user has purchased an item from your website: 



  • When the user has left without a purchase: 



Tips to consider

Skip Logic would be particularly useful if you wish to jump a particular list of questions. If you wish to hide a particular question based on the previous input, we would recommend you to set up Display logic.

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