Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On lets you log in to SurveySparrow in just a single click if you’re already logged in to your Identity Provider(Ex: ADFS, Okta, Onelogin etc). Save yourself the trouble of remembering multiple sets of login credentials with SSO. 

Here’s how you can enable SSO:

  1. Go to Settings and select Single Sign-On.


From your identity provider(IdP), you’ll need the following:

  • Login URL

  • Certificate

Fill in the fields, and click on Update.

2. Now, once you try to login to SurveySparrow using SSO, a request URL will be sent to your IdP. If you’re already logged in to your IdP, a message will be sent to SurveySparrow, indicating that you’re a verified user, and you’ll be logged in. 



3. And you’re good to go!

To know more about SAML SSO, please visit


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