Setting-up Multiple Thank you Pages

Delivering personalized thank you pages

The ‘Multiple Thank You Pages’ feature, allows you to show personalized thank you page messages to survey respondents. 

You can either categorize your survey respondents and tag a specific thank-you page to them or trigger a thank-you, once a certain condition is met. In the latter case, if more than one condition is satisfied, the thank-you page that’s tagged to the first condition will be displayed or will take precedence.

Here’s an example, that’ll help you understand this feature better. Imagine that you are running a product survey. You can identify an unhappy customer through your survey. With ‘Multiple Thank you page’ feature, you will be able to redirect them to your customer support page. You can hence maintain proactive communication with your customers.

Now, let’s see how to set it up!

To set-up Multiple Thank You Pages:

After creating the questions and deciding the number of thank you pages you want in your survey, follow these steps.


1. Go to the default Thank you page and click on the + in the right corner to add another Thank you page.



2. Click on the Logic button to add the conditions for which the page should be shown



3. Preview the question and then proceed


Use case:

You run a SaaS company and want to host different training sessions for your marketing department based on how knowledgeable they are about your products.

With multiple thank you pages, you can customize the final page with text or media based on their score in the quiz. You can redirect them to a training session if the score is too low. Here, you are going to make 3 thank you pages. One for low scorers, one for medium scorerss and the last one for high scorers


1. After clicking on the + on the right corner side of the default thank you button, Select Logic.



2. Set the question and conditions for three categories.



3. Preview and proceed.


Note: Multiple thank you pages are supported only for the premium accounts


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