How to send reminders to your audience?

Set Reminders to your online email survey

When you send out your survey, it so happens that your participants may either forget to take it or leave it halfway. Reminding them to complete the survey will greatly boost the survey completion rates. 

The Reminder feature in SurveySparrow lets you send reminder emails to your respondents to complete the survey. You can set the number of days after which the reminders will be sent out. Additionally, you can categorize the audience as partial and non-respondents and set the reminders.
This is a fully automated process which saves a lot of time and manual efforts.

To use reminders in your survey with SurveySparrow follow the mentioned steps;

  1. In the Share Survey page, you will find the various sharing channels like Email, Weblink, Social, etc. to share the survey.


2. Click the SEND EMAIL option and you will be redirected to the Email Share page. 



3. In the Email Share page, you will find the Reminder section where you can find the ADD REMINDER icon.



4. Upon clicking the icon, you can choose your audience, day of sending the reminder, subject and message. Click on ADD icon to add the reminder.



5. Once you add the reminder(s), you can preview the message and subject line on the Share page. You can add more than one reminder if you wish to do so.


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