Scheduled reports

Get the reports delivered at your convenience

The ‘Scheduled reports’ feature helps you to get the survey reports via email at your desired time.

You can set up schedule reports (for every Friday, the last day of every month, etc.)  and the survey report will be sent to your inbox in a PDF format.

Here’s an example to help you learn the feature better!

Your company has taken over a year-long project and you want to monitor your employee pulse. You have decided to collect an employee satisfaction survey every month. With Scheduled Reports, you can now configure the survey results to be e-mailed to you once in every two weeks. You don’t have to manually log in to send it each time.

To set up Scheduled Reports, follow these steps:

After creating the survey questions

1. Navigate to ‘Results’ tab of your survey. You would be directed to a page where all your survey responses will be shown.



2. Select the Reports section.

3. Click on the ‘Share Report’ button on the top right corner of the page.

4. From the list of downloading options available, Select Scheduled report.



5. A pop-up window will open, where you can input the time, frequency and the mail address to which the emails should be sent.



6. Click the Save button after filling in the details.


Use case:

You are running a pharmaceutical company and is conducting a drug test. You want to conduct a patient survey every week to study the results of the drug. You can avail the Scheduled Report feature to help you access the survey results every week hassle-free.

1. From the side menu, go to the Results section. 



2. Select the Reports button that you can find on the top section of the page



3. Click on the Export button and select Scheduled Report

4. Fill out the day and time you want the survey results to be mailed



5. Click save and proceed.


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