Removing SurveySparrow Branding

White label the surveys for a higher response rate and gain customers' trust.

White labeling your surveys will help you mask the SurveySparrow branding and present the surveys to your customers. It will help the customers to trust your brand and answer the surveys. So, you can choose to retain SurveySparrow’s branding or remove it.


Let’s see how you can remove the SurveySparrow branding.


1. After creating a survey, click on the “Design” icon.


2. Under the “Customize” tab, click on the “SurveySparrow branding” accordion.


3. Select the “Remove badge” option to remove the SurveySparrow branding.


If you want to remove the SurveySparrow branding for all the surveys, select the “Apply for all surveys” check box.


4. Click the “Save & Apply” button to save the changes.


Now, the SurveySparrow branding will be removed from the survey footer and page loader. You can bank on your customer’s trust in your brand and get more responses without any hesitations.



  • Builds the customers’ trust in your brand
  • Boosts your brand visibility
  • Expand your brand familiarity to a broader audience
  • Achieve a higher survey response rate
  • Collect more honest feedback



If the “Apply for all surveys” is selected/deselected from ANY survey, it will reflect across ALL the surveys.


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