What is Quota Management?

Limit the number of responses for each criteria of your survey

Quota Management lets you restrict survey responses for every survey question based on criteria and the filter group you set. You can further redirect users to your preferred landing page if the quota is breached. 

Let’s see how you go about setting quotas. 

  1. After creating your survey, navigate to the Configure settings on your survey builder.  


2. Scroll down to enable quotas under Set Quotas. 


        3. Click on "Add Quota" to create a new quota. 

    4. Name the Quota and set the Quota Limit. 

Note: Quota limit is a number you set, and the survey by itself stops the submissions once the number is breached.  

          5. Create a new filter group by clicking on Add Filter Group. The available filter groups are:
            a) Question & Answer
            b) Respondent details which include Name, Email, Phone, Mobile, Job title, Language & Created date
            c) Custom variable
            d) Expressions
            Select the required filter group and set conditions as to when you want the survey to limit the submissions.


        6. Select the landing page and redirect the respondents to that page when the quota is breached. 
            • You can take the respondents to the Thank you page of your survey.
            • You can create multiple thank you pages for each quota and redirect them there.
            • You can take them to your website or any preferred landing page
                7. Once everything is done, click Save to save all the details. 
                8. In our case, we are running a Job Application Survey where we wish to collect only 50 applications for the Product Marketing role. If the quota breaches, we'll take them to the Thank you page that shows the appropriate message. 

        Use Cases

        • Use case 1: Say you are running a survey in 2 cities, Newyork and California. You want 100 responses from Newyork and 100 from California. So, you can create a survey question that asks "Which city are you from?" and pass the value of that question to 2 quotas.
        • Use case 2: Similarly, if you want 150 participants in age 25-35 who use your product, 200 in age 35-45 who use your product, 100 in 25-35 who do not use your product, and 20 in age 35-45 who do not use your product. You can set 4 quotas and use the above two questions in the filter while setting up the quota. 
        • Use case 3:  A business use case would be market segmentation, where you can control the number of responses from each segment you set. 
        • Use case 4: Let’s see you are running a Job Application Survey where you wish to collect only a certain number of applications for every role. In that case, you can just create quotas for each role, collect applications, and redirect them to the thank you page if the quota is breached. 


          1. What if the Quota is breached? 
          If the Quota is breached, they’ll not be able to submit their response. The respondents will be redirected to your preferred landing page. 

          2. Do we have a limit for Quota?

          No, there’s no limit to setting the Quota. 

          3. Can I take them to our website if the Quota is breached?

          Yes! Click on “Redirect to a new page” from the landing page dropdown and paste the URL of the page where you want the respondents to be redirected. 

          4. Will I receive any email notifications if the Quota is breached? 

          No. Currently, you won’t receive any email notifications.

          5. Will the survey be closed if the Quota is breached? 

          No! Respondents can still take the survey and attempt the remaining questions. Just that, the respondents won’t be able to submit their response for that particular question for which the Quota is set.