Question Tags

Create Question Tags to track down your survey questions, individually.

Question Tags let you create a number of new tags for your survey questions. They make it easy for you to track down the individual questions of your survey. You no longer have to remember the Question IDs to track a question or its response.

Let’s see how it works.

  1. On your survey builder, you can find Tags below the question type dropdown and parallel to the Question ID.


2. In this scenario, the question is all about asking for the respondent's email id. So you can add tags like Email id, Email id Business Travel Request form, Email address, etc, or it can be anything according to your preference.



Note: For every survey question, you can add as many question tags as you want.


3. Now, when your survey is shared, and you want to track a specific question or its response, you can directly navigate to the external API tools and enter any one of the tags that you passed for the survey question. (For our example, we’ve taken Postman as our external API tool.)

Let's see how it's done in the following points.

4. For reference, go to the Developer doc. Navigate to View Questions under the Surveys section of the API Explorer.



5. Under View Questions, copy the URL and edit it with the right survey ID and the tag which you passed for the survey.



Here’re certain things to keep in mind while editing the URL. The below points are with reference to the survey which is mentioned the 1st and 2nd screenshot.

  • Survey question: Your email address, please? 🤗

  • Survey id: 121082 (You can find the survey id on the last 6 digits of your builder URL. Eg.

  • Tags which you passed: Email id, Email id Business Travel Request form, Email address.

Note: You have to be careful with capitalisations and spaces you’ve given for the Tags. Any wrong letter or an extra space will show you an error message.

6. Now the URL which you must pass in the external API tool should be id.



7. You can see that we could track everything about that specific survey question and its details without having to remember the question ID.



That’s it!

Avoid the hassle of Question Ids, start creating Questions Tags.

Please feel free to reach out to us anytime. We would love to assist you in case you're stuck.

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