Pipedrive Integration with SurveySparrow

Trigger a survey when a new deal is created/updated in the Pipedrive CRM and generate new leads.


The Pipedrive integration with SurveySparrow lets you seamlessly trigger a survey when a new deal is created/updated in the Pipedrive CRM or generate new leads/deals directly from your survey responses. You can further capture customer feedback at every deal stage and enrich your overall sales pipeline process using this integration. 

Furthermore with this integration, you can

  • Capture new leads / deals
  • Enrich leads/ deals to improved data quality
  • Trigger CSAT or Transactional NPS surveys after every touchpoint in the sales lifecycle, and map the scores back to your Pipedrive account
  • Collect survey responses in SurveySparrow and build real-time reports and charts

Let’s see how it works. 

  1. Login to your SurveySparrow account. Create a new survey or open an existing one. 
  2. Navigate to the Integrate tab. Enable the Pipedrive toggle. 

3. Enter your Pipedrive credentials and login to your account.



4. Click on the Allow and Install button, install the app & authorize access to your SurveySparrow account. 


5. Once the integration is enabled successfully, open any survey for which you want the integration to be done, navigate to the Integrate tab, enable the Pipedrive toggle and go to the Pipedrive mapping page. 

You can achieve two solutions here.

  • Trigger a survey when a deal stage is changed/updated

  • Generate/Update a lead/deal in the Pipedrive CRM from survey responses

Let’s first explore “Generate Lead/Deal in Pipedrive from Survey Responses”

PS: It will be easier for us when a deal/lead is created first, and then to trigger the survey based on deal stages.

Generate Lead/Deal in Pipedrive from Survey Responses

6. Hover over Generate Lead/Deal in Pipedrive from Survey Responses and create the mapping conditions by clicking on the edit option (Pencil icon). 


7. In our case, we are creating a new deal. 
  • Select Create as Action & Deal as Object. 
  • Map the survey responses with the respective Pipedrive fields.  


8. Now, when the survey is shared and gets responses, a new deal will be created in the Pipedrive CRM.

Note: The Title field is mandatory here. 




An overview of the dashboard where all the deals are present. 


Updating the Pipedrive Deal 

      9. The flow is similar for both creating & updating the deal with a difference that you’ll have to pass Deal ID along with the survey URL.   

While updating the deal: 

  • Select Update as Action & Object as Deal. 
  • Configure the unique identifier. In our case, it is deal id - So map the survey response with the Pipedrive field that asks for deal id. 
  • Map the survey responses which have to be updated. 

          10. Now, when your survey is shared and gets a new response, all the new details will get updated under an existing 
deal id, 
        on your Pipedrive CRM. 
11. Click Save to finish.  


Note: The variable deal_id should be passed along with the survey URL to update deal entries on Pipedrive. Eg. If your deal id is 65 the survey URL which you need to share should be https://startupunnamed.thrivesparrow.com/s/Deal-Gen-Survey/tt-800c29?450=deal_id=65


Trigger Survey when a deal stage is changed/updated

13. Choose the Object and Action from the dropdown. Pass the conditions under which the survey has to be invoked. 
  • Add conditions. 
  • In this case, our condition is to trigger a survey when the deal title contains the word “Support team”. 

14. Pass the variables if required. Choose the email channel to which the survey has to be sent. 

15. Once done, save all the conditions. 

16. Now, when a survey is shared and meets all the conditions that you’ve set, the survey will be triggered to the work email id. 

That's all about Pipedrive integration with SurveySparrow. 
Please reach out to for any technical assistance. We are just a chat away :)