Photo Capture Question Type

Click a picture & send it across, without dropping off the survey

What does the Photo-Capture Question Type do?


Photo capture question type lets you click a picture from your device camera (both front & back) & send it across, without moving an inch from your survey. 

Advantages of Photo Capture Question Type

  • The respondents no longer need to upload an image as a file. With Photo capture Question type, they can click a picture using their device camera and send it across, effortlessly. 
  • As a survey admin, you can easily recognise the respondent’s face through an image and do a face verification.  

Let’s see how it works. 

  1. On your survey builder, select the Photo Capture Question type and create a question. 

2. You can also click on the “View” option to see how the survey would look from a mobile device, desktop, and tablet. 

Note: The image should be less than 10 MB

3. Once done, go on to share the survey with your audience and collect responses. 

4. Now, when the respondents submit their responses, you can look at them on the Results tab. You can also see a preview of the image directly on the survey response, and with the click of a snapshot, it will be ready for download. 

5. Now, let’s show you a demo of how the Photo Capture Question Type works. 


That's all about Photo Capture Question Type for now. We'll keep you updated with all the new enhancements we make here. 🤗

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