How to share surveys with a password protected to it?

Make your surveys secure & selectively accessible with password protection

There are instances when you need to send surveys to a select audience, like the employees of a particular department or team-members, restrict it's access to the general public, and keep it secure & confidential. With password protection, it is possible to make surveys accessible only to select audience.

Thus only the individuals who are provided with the password can access and take the survey. When respondents click on the survey link, they'll be prompted to enter the password, which upon validation redirects them to the survey. 

NOTE: Please note that password protection feature is part of the Premium Plan. 

To enable password protection for your surveys, please follow the steps mentioned below. 


1. In the survey builder page, click on the CONFIG section.



2. You will be redirected to the Survey Settings page. Here check-box password protected surveys and enter the password to enable protection.



3. Respondents now must enter the set password in order to access the survey.

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