Custom Lists to filter your contacts

Organizing your Contacts with Custom Lists

Segment your Contacts for improved Audience Management

Contacts Management lets you segment your contacts into various custom lists. This is useful if you wish to classify your employees by job titles, or customers by market segment. Segmentation allows you to send a particular survey to a specific list of people. For example, if you wish to send a survey to directors and another one to managers, you can make use of custom lists.


To create custom lists, please follow the below steps:

  1. Click on Contacts on your SurveySparrow account home page. 


2. Here you will find Create New list option. Click on the + icon to create new lists. It is also possible for you to edit or delete the lists. 



3. You can add contacts to the custom lists by entering the details or importing with CSV. Click the SAVE CONTACTS icon once you have completed.



4. You can also find three default segments in the Contacts page namely Active contacts, Unsubscribed and All Contacts.

     - Active Lists: By default, your contacts are added to Active Lists.
     - Unsubscribed: Gives you the list of people who have unsubscribed your emails.
     - All Contacts: Lists your entire contacts.

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