Opening redirect URL in a new tab for widget

Use the newTab configuration to redirect your survey respondents to a new browser tab

You can redirect the respondents based on the conditions fulfilled via Jump Logic.  The conditions can be set in the Thank you page too. 

For eg, When a respondent is interested to talk more about the pricing plans while answering the survey,  you can configure the survey to redirect the respondent to your app's Pricing page.

The default behaviour of redirection feature directs SurveySparrow widget to open the redirected URL in the same browser tab. Only when you have embedded your survey as a widget you can redirect users to a new browser tab.

To achieve this, you can set  newTab option to true in sparrowConfig.
Please note that, the settings has to be pasted before the SurveySparrow embed code. 

  window.sparrowConfig = {
    newTab: false


Once you have set the above settings, you can copy and paste your embed code by following the instructions here

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