Offline Survey Kiosk

Create your kiosk and collect data even in the absence of Internet using our offline survey app

Suppose you are conducting an event and would you like to collect feedback from the attendees. In such a scenario, an offline survey kiosk would be ideal. Without worrying about the internet connection, you can gather data and sync it when a connection is established. 

SurveySparrow’s Offline Surveys App enables you to collect feedback without an active Internet connection and syncs the responses back to the server the moment you go online.
Let’s take a look at how easy it is getting an Offline Survey App up and running. For every device you would like to use as an Offline Survey device, you will need to provide device ID during login. The Device ID is used to uniquely identify the devices you use. 

Note: Offline application is available to all users in the Enterprise plan.

The steps described below will guide you through the process of adding a device to your account.

  1. In the SurveySparrow application, go to your Account Settings and select Device Management.



2. From the top right, click on Add Device. Enter the name and Device PIN with which you would like to identify your device as, in the Device Name field.


3. Upon clicking the confirmation button, the device you just added will be listed in the devices table.


The device ID that corresponds to your device is the unique identifier that will be needed while logging in. 

Note: At any given point of time, only one device can be logged in using one Device ID.  To use more, you will need to provision new device IDs as per your need.

Now let’s take a look at how to create an Offline Survey. 

  1. In the application, click on the Start a new survey button to create your survey. Choose Offline Survey. 



2. In the popup, name your survey and from the Workspace dropdown choose your preferred workspace.


3. Add your questions and customize your survey as needed and you are ready. 


Now let’s move on to see how you can access these surveys on a device. 

  1. To login, provide your account name, Email address, password, and the ID of the device that you've just created.

2. Upon successful authentication, the app will start syncing with server and in a moment your Offline surveys will be listed down.

3. Click on a survey to enter the survey taking mode. 


4. To sync the responses, return to the home screen by clicking the Home button on the top left, and then press the sync button. Your responses will be synced with our web app and thereafter you can view the responses and analyze the reports.

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