Integrating with SurveySparrow

Add or update new items on the board, whenever a survey is submitted Integration with SurveySparrow lets you add or update new items on the board, whenever a survey is submitted.

Let’s see how it works

  1. After logging in to your SurveySparrow account, create a new survey or build one from the existing templates. Now, navigate to the Integrate tab and click on the connect button next to the app. This will direct you to the login page on


2. Enter the login details and complete the authorization process.

Note: If you don’t own an account on, kindly sign-up for one.

3. Now, navigate to the Integrations Center at the bottom left corner, on the dashboard.


4. Select the SurveySparrow App from the list of apps available under the Integrations center.

5. Choose the board to initiate the survey integration with the app. You can create a new board from scratch or choose one from the dropdown list if you’ve already created a contact board.

6. A new screen will appear as shown in the image below. Pick the survey from the dropdown to which the mapping has to be done, and proceed to create items.


7. Map the survey responses to the respective fields. Click Done once the mapping is completed.


8. Now, add the recipe to the board. The saved and updated recipes can be found under the Board Integrations tab.

Note: You can disable the toggle if you would like to close an active integration. You can also edit or make changes in the integration upon clicking on the three dots.

9. Now whenever your survey gets a new response, the Contacts board is updated with the details of the new item.


10. To disable the integration, click on the disconnect button next to, on the SurveySparrow integration page.

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