Limit Survey Responses

Control how many responses your survey gets by setting a limit on the number of participants. 

Note: The number of responses your surveys can collect every month is dependent on your plan. You can get an overview of SurveySparrow plans here

 Let’s get into how it works:

  1. Log into your SurveySparrow account. Select the survey you would like to set a limit to.

  1. On the left toolbar, select the Config tab to proceed.

  1. Under General Settings, scroll down to Configuration > Toggle On ‘Limit the number of responses this survey can get’

  1. Add in the maximum number of participants you want to limit your survey to and hit Save. Your survey will now accept only responses within the set limit.

There you go! Limiting survey responses is as easy as that. :)

You can always reach out to us for any queries or technical issues. We’re more than happy to help you out anytime.