Integrating with Third-party applications using SurveySparrow API

SurveySparrow API lets you integrate your applications such as CRM, Helpdesk, and HRM Software. With tight integration, you can achieve more solutions like triggering a survey when the ticket is closed in a help desk, or adding a new employee to SurveySparrow as you enter the information in the HRM system. 

Lets see how you can set to send a survey when a ticket is closed in your help desk system:

  1. Create a new app under Settings → Apps & Integrations

  2. Enter the name and define the scope as View Survey & Manage Share Survey.

  3. Generate your Access Token.


   4. Now, go to your help desk system and set up a webhook to call SurveySparrow            API endpoint{share_id}.
   5. Set your authorization header  as 'Authorization: Bearer <access-token>'.
   6. You can obtain{share_id} either from the URI of the email share or through our list          shares API.



7. Set your data as the email you want the survey to be sent (ticket requester email id).
8. If you are using an on premise system or any programming you can also call the          API through supported programming languages as well.

 A sample request will look like the following:

    curl --request PUT \
  --url '{share_id} ' \
  --header 'Authorization: Bearer <token>' \
  --data '{
  "contacts": [
    " "


Note: You can also refer our API Documentation to explore other API endpoints. 


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