Integrating Tableau with SurveySparrow

Visualize all your survey data to get actionable insights with the Tableau Integration.

Note: Tableau is available on SurveySparrow for Enterprise plans and above, as well as on NPS Enterprise for NPS Surveys. Users need to have tableau’s desktop version to access this integration.


  • Create interactive visualizations using Tableau’s drag and drop functionalities quickly.
  • Process large amounts of data and different data types inside Tableau without compromising your dashboard's performance.
  • Customize your visual dashboards according to your preferred devices automatically using Tableau.
  • Collaborate with your team to analyze data.


Let’s dive deeper into this integration:

1. Once you are done building your survey, Navigate to the Integrate tab and enable the Tableau toggle.



2. Select the Data you wish to pull from SurveySparrow. Once done, click the continue button to proceed further.



3. A Push URL will be created for your dataset. Copy the URL from the page.


4. Navigate to your Tableau desktop application. Head to the Connect menu, and select Web Data Connector.




5. In the window, enter the web data connector URL that you copied from SurveySparrow.



6. Once you are connected to SurveySparrow, on the window click ‘Update Now’ to fetch the latest data. On the left bottom of your Tableau app, hover over to your 'Sheet' and click ‘Go to Worksheet’



7. You’ll now be able to see the survey data pushed to Tableau. You can view the data in different graphical visualizations, the way you prefer.


Use Cases:

  • Fetch data from SurveySparrow to Tableau for data visualization. Note that data will be synced to Tableau Online.


  • Does the Tableau <> SurveySparrow Integration work on Tableau Online?
    No, the Tableau Integration can only work on the Tableau Desktop app. Users have to have Tableau’s desktop version to access this integration. More information on this is available here.

  • Does SurveySparrow’s data refresh both on Tableau Online and Tableau Desktop?
    Yes, certainly! Data refreshes can be performed on Tableau Online and Tableau Desktop. On Tableau, select the data source or workbook you want to refresh, then head to Actions > Refresh Extracts. Under Refresh Extracts, you can Schedule a Refresh, and select if you want a full or incremental refresh to happen. You can check out more information on this here.

That's all about Tableau <> SurveySparrow Integration. Please reach out to us for any technical assistance. We're just a chat away.