Integrating SurveySparrow with Zenkit

The SurveySparrow-Zenkit integration helps you manage all tasks and projects efficiently, automate the creation of new contacts and track all survey responses.
Get notified as you receive valuable feedback and plan your tasks accordingly. 

For example, let’s say you are the manager of a company and you want to measure employee engagement at your workplace. The most appropriate time to gauge your employees would be right after a meeting or after the completion of a project or task. So, you can promptly deliver surveys to your employees post-meeting or post-activity. This is a great way to increase productivity and reduce staff-turnover.  

Surveying your employees right after a project completion enables straightforward responses and contributes to the overall growth of the company. 

To enable SurveySparrow-Zenkit integration with your account, please follow the steps below:

1. After creating an account with Zenkit, you will be redirected to Zenkit’s dashboard.



2. Log on to your Zapier account, and Make a Zap to connect Zenkit to SurveySparrow. 



3. Choose a trigger and action event. As per the example mentioned earlier, the trigger event is New Activity and the action event is Share Survey. 



4.  You will be directed to the log-in page of SurveySparrow. Login with your credentials.


5. Enable Zapier to access your account by clicking Authorize.



6. You will be redirected to your Zap Editor page. Fill in the required fields and continue. Turn-on your Zap to activate the integration.



7. The integration is now complete. You can now go back to your Zenkit account and proceed with your tasks.

Note: Remember to generate an API key from your Zenkit account by going to Profile Settings -> Integrations -> Generate new API key. You will need this for the integration.

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