Integrating SurveySparrow with Microsoft Teams

Share surveys and send responses via teams to the respective channels and users.


The Microsoft Teams integration with SurveySparrow lets you share surveys and send responses via teams to the respective channels and users. Furthermore, with this integration, you can view auto-generated reports and responses instantly, and collaborate with your team for better productivity. That’s the strength of teamwork! Keep all the relevant teams in the loop through seamless communication at all times, which is made effortless by SurveySparrow’s Microsoft Teams integration.

With Microsoft Teams integration, you can:

  • Send NPS and CSAT scores to your dedicated Customer Success team.

  • Share user experience feedback and reported bugs to your cross-functional development team.

  • Conduct collaborative activities like daily standups/weekly reflections with all teams in the organization to keep track of tasks and achievements.

  • Check-in with all your employees once in every 30 or 60 days to measure employee pulse and happiness and send responses to the HR department.

  • Identify company advocates by measuring eNPS on a quarterly or annual basis.

  • Communicate topics for discussion to your manager before starting a meeting to set the agenda.


Let’s see how it works:

  1. Once you’ve signed in to your Microsoft Teams account, select Apps from the left navigation bar, and search for SurveySparrow in the search box at the top.

  2. Click Add to a Team, choose the respective channel, and click set up as a bot.

3. You’ve successfully installed the SurveySparrow app in your Microsoft Teams account.

4. Click Sign Up to create a new account or login if you already have an existing SurveySparrow account.

After you’ve signed in, the below image will appear.

5. Next, in your SurveySparrow account, after creating your survey, navigate to Integrate -> Integrations.

Enable the toggle button next to Teams.

6. Choose the respective Team, User/Channel Name on which the survey responses should be notified.

7. Now, once the respondent completes the survey, you’ll be notified in your Microsoft Teams channel in real-time.

8. Clicking on the Reports or Responses buttons will take you to your SurveySparrow account, where you can view all the survey results.

Microsoft Teams Share

With Microsoft Teams Share, you can share your surveys to channels and users anytime in the form of a bot. Be it daily standups or employee happiness checks, you can make every survey fun and engaging to boost workplace engagement, manage tasks effectively, and collect feedback effortlessly.

Here’s how you can set it up:

  1. On your survey, go to Share and select Microsoft Teams.


2. Sign in to your Microsoft Teams account and follow the same steps as above for installing the SurveySparrow app.

3. Give an appropriate name for your Teams share, choose a team to which the survey has to be shared, and enable the ‘Share Results with Users’ toggle to send the responses to a particular user.

You can also add a custom message, button text, and submission completed message that’ll be shown to team members once they’ve completed the survey.

Click Next > Schedule.

4. Now it’s time to schedule your survey. Pick the day(s) the survey should be shared, select the starting date and time, and pick the frequency of shares (weekly or monthly).

5. Enable the ‘Set Close Time for Survey’ toggle to set a time limit for responses. You can pick between hours and days.


Click Save.

6. And you’re good to go! The survey will be shared at the scheduled time, and responses will be sent to the selected user on completion.




Note: (i) This integration is available only for Work accounts and not for Personal accounts.

(ii) You can add the SurveySparrow app only to teams, not to individual users. If you try to add SurveySparrow to a user, you’ll get the following message:

(iii) Notifications (survey shares and response notifications) sent to a team will be shared across all channels in that team.

(iv) Select the Disconnect command to log off from your SurveySparrow account.

(v) To uninstall the app, navigate to Teams → Manage Teams → Apps, choose SurveySparrow and uninstall.