Integrating SurveySparrow with Freshdesk

Trigger Surveys when a ticket/contact is created or updated

Freshdesk integration with SurveySparrow lets you: 

  • Trigger NPS/Classic/Chat surveys when a ticket is created or updated
  • Trigger NPS/Classic/Chat surveys when a contact is created or updated

Let’s take a look at this in detail.

1. The first step is to install the SurveySparrow app from the Freshdesk app marketplace. Once you find the SurveySparrow app, click on the Install button. 

2. Enter your Freshdesk URL to proceed. 

For example: If your domain name is acme, your Freshdesk URL will be

Once done, click on Proceed. 

3. After you land your Freshdesk dashboard, click on Admin Settings on the left-side panel of your dashboard. 

4. Navigate to Support Operations, and select Apps

5. Search for SurveySparrow. 

6. Click on the Install button. 

7. You will be redirected to a new page, which requires you to login to your SurveySparrow account. Please log in

8. After logging in, authorize your SurveySparrow account. 

9. Your Freshdesk API key will be pre-populated. Click on Install. 


Note: In case you change the API key for any future purposes, be sure of updating it here as well. 


    10. The SurveySparrow app is successfully installed on your Freshdesk account.  

    11. Now, you can go on to create new tickets or contacts on your Freshdesk account.  

Trigger NPS/Classic/Chat surveys when a ticket is created or updated

Note: In our example, we are triggering a classic survey when a ticket status is updated. You can configure the triggering conditions according to your preferences. 

    1. To create a new Trigger, click on the SurveySparrow icon on the side panel.  

2. Click on New Trigger +

    3. Fill in all the required fields.  
  • Trigger Name 
  • Trigger Description
  • Survey Type: Freshdesk <> SurveySparrow integrations works for NPS, Classic, Chat Surveys
  • Survey Name: Please create a survey on your SurveySparrow account, if there isn’t any survey created already
  • Share Type: Email or SMS 
  • Share Name: Please create an Email/SMS share on your SurveySparrow account, if there isn’t any created already
  • Set delays if you want. 

    4. Now, it’s time to configure the triggering conditions. As you can see in the screenshot below, our condition is to trigger the Classic survey named “Customer Satisfaction Survey” through Email, when the ticket status is closed.  

        5. You can also fill the payload field in case you would like to pass additional ticket details like Ticket ID, Ticket Description, Ticket Status, etc.  


    Once done, click on the submit button.

    That's it! 

      6. Everytime, when the ticket status is closed, a new survey will be triggered to the customer asking for the feedback.  Refer to the screenshot below. 

    The steps are exactly similar for contact creation and updation as well. 

    Please reach out to us if you have any technical questions. We are here to help. 

    Disabling the Integration

    1. To disable the integration, go to Admin Settings -> Support Operations -> and Apps. 

    Installed Apps -> SurveySparrow -> Settings -> Uninstall 

    Select Uninstall, and your SurveySparrow app will be uninstalled.