Integrating SurveySparrow with Freshdesk

The Freshdesk integration with SurveySparrow lets you easily incorporate survey sharing and feedback collection into your ticketing software. Using this integration, you can resolve customers’ queries, gauge them for feedback and therefore, improve the overall customer service process.  

For example, let’s say a ticket’s status changes from ‘Pending’ to ‘Resolved’. With the Freshdesk integration, you can trigger a CSAT or transactional NPS survey to be sent to the Freshdesk requester. 

Let’s see how this works:

1. Create an Email Share on your SurveySparrow account and get the Email Share ID from the overview page. This share will be used to trigger a survey from Freshdesk when the automation is evaluated.

In this case, the Email Share ID is 158398 (refer to the image below). 

Screenshot 2021-09-16 at 12.41.56 PM


2. Go to the SurveySparrow Settings page, select the Apps and Integrations tab and create a Custom App. 

Screenshot 2021-09-16 at 12.45.03 PM

Under Scope, select the ‘Manage Share Survey’ and ‘View Survey’ options to enable survey sharing. 

Screenshot 2021-09-16 at 12.45.47 PM

Generate your Access Token. This is displayed only once. So ensure that you copy and save it. 

3. Sign in to your Freshdesk account, go to Admin->Automations->Ticket Updates. Click on New Rule to add a new automation rule. 


4. Select a suitable event. In this case, the event is a ticket’s status changing from ‘Pending’ to ‘Resolved’. 


5. Now, select ‘Trigger webhook’ as the action from the dropdown menu. 

Image from iOS (1)

Note: For NPS surveys, select the request type as POST and add{survey_id}/email as the URL. e.g.,

  • Enter the authentication details. The username should be your SurveySparrow email address and password should be the Access Token copied from the SurveySparrow Custom page app.

6. Under the Content section, copy paste the following JSON code: 


                   "contacts": [""]


Note: For NPS surveys, copy paste the following JSON code:

"contacts": [

          "email": ""
"name": "Freshdesk Integration",
"customProperties": {}


When you’re done, click on ‘Preview and save’. 

7. You’ll now see a pop-up with a summary of the rule details. 


After verifying the details, click on ‘Save and enable’.

8. Now your automation rule has been added! 


You can also track survey responses right within Freshdesk. This saves you the trouble of constantly switching between Freshdesk and SurveySparrow. 

Let’s see how this works:

  1. On your SurveySparrow account, on the survey that you wish to share, create a global variable. Give a suitable name to the variable. In this case, it is called ‘freshdeskID’.


2. On your Freshdesk account, go to the rule that you had created, and add this code to your existing JSON code: 

 "customParams": {

                 "<your global variable name>": {{}}

To get a better idea, refer to the image below:


Click on ‘Preview and save’ to save your changes.

3. Now create a custom field on your Freshdesk account. You can do this by going to Admins->General Settings->Ticket fields. You can select the type of custom field that you want to create from the various options given(refer to the image below).


When you’re done, click on Save. In this case, the custom field created is called ‘SurveySparrowRating’.  

Note: While editing your ticket field, make sure to deselect the ‘Display to customer’ option. This is to ensure that the ticket field is visible only to agents.


4. Now go to your Profile settings, and get your API key. Copy and save it. 


5. Go back to your SurveySparrow account and create a new webhook. You can do this by clicking on the Config tab on the top-right side of your survey Build page. 

  • Add a new Custom header called ‘Authorization’. Ensure that your "APIkey:X" is Base64-encoded before passing it as an "Authorization" header. For more information on this, refer to this link

  • Under the ‘Content’ section, add your custom fields. You can even choose placeholders. 


When you’re done, click on ‘Save Details’. 

6. Now when a ticket has been resolved, a survey will be sent to the requestor, and the custom field value will appear in the requestor’s ticket details. 


Now you can track survey responses right within your Freshdesk account! 

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