Integrating SurveySparrow with Aweber

SurveySparrow-Aweber integration lets you add survey respondents as potential leads

Suppose you are collecting lead information through SurveySparrow. Once a user answers your form, you can add him/her as a potential lead in Aweber using SurveySparrow-Aweber Integration.
Collect and manage these leads easily and keep the subscriber details up-to-date with this integration. Thus, you can turn your form respondents to subscribers and expand your mailing list. This integration is available to all users, across any plan.

To set up the Aweber integration, please follow the steps below. 

  1. Navigate to Survey Settings. Click on Apps & Integrations. Toggle the button to activate it and to enable Aweber integration. 


2. Authorize your Aweber account.



3. Once you’ve created your form, navigate to config section. Under Integrations, enable Aweber.


4. Choose the Aweber contact list which you wish to create/update and then map your form questions to the corresponding fields in Aweber. Please note that email field has to be mapped to an email question type, since it is a unique field in Aweber.


5. Once a respondent fills your form, a subscriber is created/updated in your Aweber account. Subsequently, the fields that are mapped gets populated with the submission data. For instance, the name gets added as Olivia, the opinion as 3, rating as 10, and the email address as



Aweber sends an email for double opt-in. Once the user opts in, he/she is added to the Aweber subscriber list. 


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