Integrating Surveys with SurveySparrow Audience

Add or update contacts directly from your survey responses.

SurveySparrow Audience Integration lets you add or update contacts directly from your survey responses.

With this integration:

  • You can trigger surveys and capture new leads.

  • You can update an existing lead with new details.

Let’s see how it works:

  1. Create a new survey or choose one from the existing templates.

  2. Build your survey questionnaire according to your requirements.


3. Now, navigate to the INTEGRATE tab and enable the SurveySparrow Audience toggle. Once done, go to SurveySparrow Audience mapping page.


Add new Contacts directly from your survey responses

4. On the mapping page, choose a Contact Label from the dropdown or add a new label. You can also create a new label right there if you want. 



Note: You can add a new label only from a survey question. The best practice is to create a new label in your SurveySparrow account and choose that from the dropdown.

5. Now, map your survey responses to the corresponding SurveySparrow fields.


Mandatory Fields: Email or Phone fields

6. Once the mapping is done, Click Save to save all your actions.

7. Now, navigate to the SHARE tab and share the survey to your Audience.



8. When your survey gets a new response, a new contact will be created in real-time.


Update Existing contacts from Survey Responses

9. Email and Phone fields are the unique identifiers while updating an existing contact. Whatever new details the respondent fills in the survey under an existing Email ID or a Phone number, the contact will automatically be updated with new details.


10. Now, when your survey is shared and gets a new response, the new details will be updated under an existing contact in real-time.


Where to find all the Contacts?

11. You can find all the new contacts under Contacts. You can access Contacts from your Survey dashboard of your home page.



12. You can also segment your contacts based on labels. Since we’ve chosen Contacts from SurveySparrow as our Contact Label, you can select that under Labels.



You’ll be able to find all the new contacts added from your survey responses under this label.

And that's it!

Now let's take a look at the survey's preview.


Adding New Contacts from your Survey Responses


Updating an Existing Contact from your Survey Responses









In the last screenshot, you can find the new details - "Job Title and Location" got updated under an existing Email Id.

So that's all about integrating surveys with SurveySparrow Audience.

You can reach out to us anytime if you have any technical queries.

We're more than happy to help you out :)

See you in the next one.

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