Integrating Power BI with SurveySparrow

Turn all your survey data into actionable insights with Power BI Integration.


Power BI Integration with SurveySparrow lets you turn all your survey data into actionable insights.


  • You can create a top-notch plan with the insights you’ve gained.

  • Deeper insights let you take strategic decisions.

  • You can convert all your ideas into action items.

  • You can compare and correlate the survey data and focus on bettering the best.


Let’s dive deeper into this integration:

  1. Go to your SurveySparrow Account Settings, navigate to Apps and Integrations, and enable the Power BI toggle.


2. Login to your Power BI account, navigate to My workspace, and click on + New to create a streaming dataset.


3. Select Streaming dataset.


4. Click on API, and proceed to Next.


5. Name the dataset and fill in the values from the stream, for your future references. Once done, enable the Historic data analysis to save all your data historically.

Note: Make a note of the above-entered values as you would be using the same while mapping the values with the SurveySparrow fields.

6. Once done, click Create to proceed further.

7. Now, a Push URL will be created for your dataset which you will have to copy to your clipboard.


8. Before proceeding to the next step, create a report for your saved dataset to track all the values submitted by the respondents, in real-time. Click done after copying the Push URL.

9. To create a report, navigate to My Workspace, and select the dataset which you’ve created. Click on the more option to create a report.


10. Choose the values that you want to track at the top right side. You can select the visualisations according to your preference, and apply filters as per your wish.


11. Now, go back to your SurveySparrow account and open the survey for which the Power BI integration has to be initiated. Navigate to the integrate tab and enable the Power BI toggle.


12. Click on Power BI integration and go to the SurveySparrow mapping page.

13. Paste the copied push URL, and map the values with the corresponding Power BI fields.

Note: Ensure to enter the right PowerBI column names. Any wrong values given might reject the API calls, and hence the mapping might not happen as expected.

14. Now, when your survey is shared and starts fetching responses, you’ll be able to see the survey data pushed to PowerBI in real time. You can view the data in different graphical visualisations.


That's all about Power BI <> SurveySparrow Integration. Please reach out to us for any technical assistance. We're just a chat away.