Inbound Emails

Inbound Emails let you forward all your recipient replies on Support emails to a forwarding email ID.

You can use Inbound Emails to forward all your recipient replies on Support emails to a forwarding email ID. This will help your users to get an instant solution to all their Support queries or complaints.

Let’s see how it works.

  1. On your Survey dashboard, click on Settings at the top Menu bar.


2. Navigate to Email under Email Settings, where you can configure your outbound email address.


3. Any emails going out from your account will be sent from the outbound email address. You can also use a custom email address or SMTP server to choose an email address of your own. Click here to read more on how to configure your email address of your choice.

4. In our case, our outbound email address is


5. For replies, you can use Inbound Emails to configure your preferred reply-to email address. In our case, the reply-to email address is

Example: If you want to forward all the replies to your support team, you can configure the email id with the Support team’s email address and forward the replies effortlessly.

How about diving deeper with a use-case?

When you’re interacting with your customer who comes with a query or a dissatisfaction, they need immediate support from your support team to solve the issue. In this case, you can use Case Management to address the problem and use Inbound emails to forward all your customer replies to the support team.

1. Imagine you’re running a Customer Satisfaction Survey for your customers, and you get a negative response with a lower rating.


2. Now, in this case, it’s important to address the issue at the earliest and solve the problem. Otherwise, you might lose a customer. So, you ought to create a case.

3. After creating the case, you can email the survey respondent and get to know the issue to solve the problem quickly. However, your reply will also be reflected in the respondent’s email box, where he/she will receive your reply as an email.

4. Here you can see, this is how your reply will look like in the respondent’s email.

5. And when your respondent replies to this email, the email will be forwarded to even though the outbound email address is

6. The respondent’s reply to the email will also get reflected under the Case, in real-time.

7. This way, you can easily address the actual problem and close the continuous feedback loop without moving an inch from your SurveySparrow account.

And that’s it! Hope you found this article useful.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. We’re happy to help.

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