Importing Survey Responses

Import your survey responses and map the data to the respective questions of your survey.

Do you already have the responses collected, and are thinking about how to populate them into the SurveySparrow platform? Worry not. You can now import the survey responses and map the data to the respective questions of your survey, in no time.


  • It is highly beneficial for anyone who is migrating the responses from a different survey platform to SurveySparrow.

  • Since the sample response number is limited to 10, if you wish to fill in more, you can easily do it by importing the survey responses as a .CSV file.

Let’s discuss more about this feature.

  1. Create a new survey or open an existing one. Navigate to the Results tab, and click on Imports.

2. You can import your survey responses as a .CSV file and save the details for future references.


Note: Importing is supported only if the responses can be mapped with any of these question types - Multiple Choice, Picture Choice, Text input, Rating, Opinion scale, Email, Yes or No, Number. Otherwise, it doesn't support.

3. Map the responses with the corresponding questions of your survey. Select the question from the dropdown.


4. Once done, proceed to the next.

5. Click on the Finish Import button to save all your details.

6. Now, when you navigate to the Results tab, and Responses, you’ll be able to see the imported responses populated in your survey.

That’s it!

Please reach out if you have any questions. We’re more than happy to help.