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How to calculate the average score of individual questions of your 360° Feedback Survey?

You can now calculate the average score of every question of your 360° Feedback Survey, effortlessly. Earlier, you would have calculated the section-wise average score. But now, we’ve made it a little easier so that you can analyse your employees’ strengths & weaknesses, the better way and suggest meaningful feedback that will help them grow.


Let’s see how it works.

  1. Build your 360 Feedback survey with your own sections, categories and questions or go with an existing template.


2. After creating your survey questions, navigate to the Reports section, on your survey builder. Please refer to the screenshot below.



3. In the Reports section, you have the whole report structure given in the order. Go to Areas of Improvement and click on the pencil icon.



4. A new screen will appear at the right side, where you can customise the report settings for Areas of improvement, according to your preferences. Select Questions under “Show Aggregations for” to calculate the question-wise average.



5. Not just that, you can customize the whole structure of “Areas of Improvement”, from Cut off score to listing order and message content.

6. In this scenario, our average score is 4, which essentially means, whatever questions of your survey an employee has got less than four will be the areas in which he/she has to improve. All these questions and their respective categories will be reflected in the final report.



And that’s it. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

We will be happy to assist.


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