How to add SurveySparrow Application to your Google Workspace? | G Suite Integration

Add the SurveySparrow application directly to your Google Workspace.

G Suite integration with SurveySparrow lets you add the SurveySparrow application to your Google workspace and access it effortlessly. You can import your G Suite contacts to your SurveySparrow account and further create and share surveys with your audience in next to no time.

Let’s see how this integration works.

  1. Go to Google Workspace Marketplace and click the Sign in button at the top right corner to sign in to your Google workspace account.

2. After you signed in, type SurveySparrow in the search bar. You will find the app listed at the bottom.


3. Install the app by clicking on the Install button.

4. Proceed to Continue.

5. Now, sign in to your SurveySparrow account. 

Note: The account you sign in should be a workspace account, not your personal one.

6. Now, the SurveySparrow app might have been installed. Complete the steps to set up the app on your Google account.

And that's it. You're almost done.

Now, let's discuss more on accessing it from your workspace.

Where to find SurveySparrow Software on your Google account?

  • Sign in to your Google workspace.

  • Click on the Apps Launcher icon at the top. You will find the SurveySparrow app in the list of apps below.

  • You can directly access the application and login to your Surveysparrow account from there.

  • Further, you can create surveys, integrate with third party applications, share them with your audience, and collect insightful information.

In case you wish to import contacts from G Suite, click here & follow the steps mentioned in this article.

Hope you found this piece helpful.

See you in the next one 😇.