How do the assessment and evaluation of 360° surveys work?

An overview of 360 Assessments & Evaluations

We’ve noticed that a lot of you are stuck in the process of understanding how the assessment and evaluation of 360 degree surveys work. We heard you right and now, we’re here to help you out.

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But first, what are 360° Assessments?

360° assessments are a performance review process that focuses on evaluating an employee’s performance in order to identify their key strengths and weaknesses and in turn, drive organizational-wide growth.

The 360° assessment typically consists of four roles:

  • Subject: This is the individual being evaluated. The subject does a self-evaluation assessment and also nominates their peers to review their performance. Post-assessment, once the report is ready, the subject together with the HR administrator discuss a clear-cut workflow for personal growth and development.

  • Evaluator: These are the peers & co-workers that are nominated by the subject. Their main job is to evaluate the subject thoroughly and honestly and provide valuable feedback that can help boost their performance.

  • Approver: This is the manager. They also evaluate the subject as well as approve evaluator nominations, and the final report once all assessments have been completed. The approver and the admin work together towards devising a thorough development plan for the subject.

  • Admin: This is the HR administrator that conducts the reviews, formulates the questions, works on the subject’s development plan with the approver, and ensures that the procedure is known and followed correctly in the organization. They share the reports to the subject once the manager has approved them. They also help the subject with any clarifications they might have after delivering their growth plan.

Let’s see how it works.


  1. When the admin creates the 360° assessment survey and allows the subject to do a self-evaluation, the subject will receive an email similar to the screenshot below where he/she can do a self-evaluation of their own self.


Note: The self-evaluation is done by the subject only when the admins allows them to do so.

Nominating evaluators

2. The subject can also nominate their peers to review their performance upon the acceptance of the admin. The peers are the evaluators whose main job is to evaluate the subject thoroughly and provide an honest feedback that can help boost their performance.

The nomination is done by logging into the portal when the subject receives an email similar to the screenshot below.


Note: Click on the Nominate button in the portal to add the evaluators. The evaluators can be your Managers, Reportees, and Peers.

Nomination approval

3. The subject can nominate the evaluators who can be their peers, managers, or mentors. The nominated evaluators will first have to be approved by the survey admin/approver, after which the evaluators can start with their evaluation.

Evaluation by nominated evaluators

4. After the admin or approver approves the evaluators, the evaluators will receive an email where they can submit their honest feedback about the subject.


5. After all the evaluations for the subject are complete, the approver will have to login to his/her portal and approve/reject the evaluation in the “open tasks” to generate the final report.

Approver's call whether to approve or reject the evaluation

6. All the pending subject evaluations will be listed in the “open tasks”, in your portal. Refer to the screenshot below.

Pending evaluations are listed under open tasks

7. All the completed assessments will be listed in the “closed tasks”, in the portal. Refer to the screenshot below.

Completed assessments are listed under closed tasks

And that’s it from our side! Reach us out anytime if you have any questions!

Happy evaluating :)

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