How do I create a Sub Account?

SurveySparrow helps you manage all users under one roof. Each user or team can have sub accounts to manage surveys independently under just one parent account. With sub accounts, you can keep survey data safe and access all accounts from the parent account. 

Here’s how sub accounts are useful:

  • Let’s say you run an organization which comprises of multiple departments. Instead of creating multiple individual accounts, you can create multiple sub accounts under one parent account. 

  • If a user leaves the company, you can add a new user to the existing sub account. This new user will have access to all data associated with the account.

  • If an organization has multiple brand names, sub accounts can be created for each brand.

  • Agencies having multiple clients can create sub accounts for each client under one parent account. Each sub account can invite project members or customers to collaborate.

  • Billing will be centralized in the parent account, providing a hassle-free experience.

Note: Sub Accounts are available only in the Elite plan. 

Let's see how it works:

  1. On your survey dashboard, go to Settings, and select the Sub Accounts tab. 


Click on ‘Add Account’.

2. Fill in the required details of your user. 


When you’re done, click on Create.

3. Now your Sub Account has been added. 


You can click on the ‘Switch’ button to access the sub account. 

Now you’re all set! Enjoy efficiency at its finest with sub accounts!

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