Group Rating Survey Question Type

Collect feedback on multiple attributes in one go.

Group rating survey question type allows survey creators to compare the experience on multiple attributes, see what aspects of the product/service are performing, and what needs improvement. 

With all the feedback, you can quickly analyze what your customers love or hate, and allocate resources accordingly. 

Let’s see how it works. 

1. Select Group Rating survey question type from the list of question types available. 

2. Add the list of items you want your customers to rate. 

In our example, a hotel owner would like to collect guest feedback on different aspects of their hotel stay like room service, restaurant service, housekeeping, etc. We just have to add each aspect as a separate choice in the Group Rating question. 



  • There must be a minimum of 3 items.
  • Group Rank cannot be the first survey question and cannot be embedded in email. 
  • You can change the rating scale from 3 to 10. The default scale is 5.

3. Based on the ratings, you can display or skip the next questions using display logic and skip logic respectively. 

This is usually to understand why the respondents have given such ratings and helps you where you need to focus your business.

In our example, whenever the ratings are 3 and below, we would ask the customer to tell us how we could have served them better using display logic. 

4. When the user takes up the survey, this is how they will be answering the question.

5. To view the answers, navigate to Results tab -> Reports.  

By default, the average rating of each item will be shown. 

Change the toggle to Count, to see a detailed view on every item. 

That’s how Group Rating question type works. Try it out yourself from the SurveySparrow app here

For any technical assistance, please feel free to reach out to us. We're just a chat away.