When you build a survey with SurveySparrow, the survey link (for sharing surveys) by default has SurveySparrow's domain, i.e., catherin.surveysparrow.com.
However, if you wish to have a custom domain of your choice, like your organization's name, as the survey URL, it would offer better brand personalization.
Custom Domain feature helps you configure the survey URL into the custom domain that reflects your brand. Please note that this is part of our Enterprise Plan.
Implementing the custom domain feature requires two steps: 

  1. Authorizing the custom domain in your SurveySparrow's account

  2. Configuring the DNS records in your server.

Please follow the below mentioned steps to add a custom domain in your survey URL:

In your account home page, under Settings, click on Account Settings. Here insert the URL under the Custom Domain section.

2. Configure the DNS records in your DNS:
For instance, if you wish to change the survey URL from acme.surveysparrow.com to feedback.acme.com  then configure the DNS records in your DNS as: 

Once the two steps are performed, your survey can have the custom domain in the URL. Do anticipate a buffer time for the changes to reflect in the configuration. 

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