Want to measure the effectiveness of your survey? Facebook Pixel integration lets you track survey views, survey completions, and analyze visitor demographics and behavior.

For instance, you can generate more leads by segmenting your audience based on their behavior. You can retarget the non-responders of your survey with a more convincing survey campaign. Measure the results and gain a better understanding of how to optimize future survey campaigns, with Facebook Pixel integration.

Let’s see how it works:

  1. After creating your survey, navigate to Integrate > Integrations.

2. Select Facebook Pixel from the list of integrations.

3. Enter your Facebook Pixel tracking code. You can find the tracking code by navigating to Measure & Report > Pixels, on your Facebook Ads Manager page.

Paste your tracking code and click Connect.

4. Now your integration has successfully been enabled. You are now all set to track your survey.

5. So now, when a respondent accesses your survey, a Facebook Pixel trigger will be generated, denoting a pageview. Followed by the complete submission of the survey, another trigger will be generated denoting the complete_registration. You can view the analytics of your survey on your Facebook Pixel dashboard.

6. And you’re good to go!

Note: To disable the integration, simply disable the Facebook Pixel toggle on the Integrations page.

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