How to Share Surveys Via Email?

Share surveys with your respondents via emails and collect responses, effortlessly.

With Email Share, you can share surveys with your respondents via emails and collect responses, effortlessly. You can also choose to embed the first question of your survey on the email and direct them to the survey on a new tab. 

Advantages of using Email Share as a sharing option: 

  • To give you some stats: There are around 4 billion email users worldwide, out of which 95% of the users check their email every day, while 60% of users check their spam box daily. There are very high chances that your surveys will get excellent completion rates if you leverage Email shares, as a sharing option. 
  • You can personalize the email subject line for every survey respondent and get them to participate in the survey, again leading to a decent survey completion rate. 
  • You can schedule the email according to your convenience, set email reminders for the respondents who haven’t participated in the survey, and more. 
  • You can customize the email share with fancy customizations and get your respondents excited to participate in the survey.

Let’s see step-by-step how this works. 

  1. After creating the survey, navigate to the Share tab and click on Send Email.

2. Customize the email share according to your requirements. In the screenshot below, we’ve listed down all the customizations you can do, on this screen. 

Email Share 1


  • The first question should be in any one of these question types - Rating, Opinion Scale, Multiple Choice, Picture Choice, to embed it in your email  
  • In Multiple Choice & Picture Choice question types, make sure the toggle is disabled for Multiple Answers & Allow Other Option. The embed might not work as expected if the toggle is enabled. 

    Screenshot 2022-01-25 at 6.59.56 PM

3. You can also select Email Translation which will translate the email to the language of your choice. (Hit on the dropdown, next to Customize Appearance.)

Email Share 2

4. Select Customize Appearance to customize the look & feel of the survey.

5. Play around with the colour codes. 

6. Play around with the themes. 

7. Once you’re happy with the look and feel of your email, click on Done and proceed to Schedule

8. You can select the frequency. 

9. Set reminders if you want. The best practice would be to set the reminders for all the non-respondents, and make them complete the survey. 

10. Once done, go on to send the email out. :)

11. Tada, the email will look like this from your respondent's inbox. ☺️  

Email Share 3


Please reach out to us if you any technical queries. We're just a chat away. :)