Deleting or Removing a user from your SurveySparrow account

What happens when a user is deleted from your SurveySparrow account?

You can do two things before hitting the delete button, in case you wish to delete a user from your SurveySparrow account. 

  • Assign the role of a user to another user. 
  • Delete the user without assigning his/her role to another user

Note: Whoever has “Manage user” privilege will be able to delete the account. Please refer to the screenshot below. 


What happens when assigning the role of a user to another user? 

Let’s assume X to be the user whose access is going to be removed and Y to be the user who will be newly assigned with the privileges of X (Removed user). 

  • Say X's role is Survey Admin, and Y's role is Contributor. If X's role is assigned to Y, Y will be the Survey Admin, and X will be removed from the account. 
  • The surveys created by X under "Mine" Workspace will be transferred and visible by the Account Owner.
  • The surveys created in other workspaces will be visible to users with visibility privileges for that particular workspace. Also, for your better understanding, we've split this condition into two use cases. 

Use Case 1: Workspaces that have Public access 

For example, the workspace here is Customer Pulse. Customer pulse is a public workspace, which means every user under this workspace has access to all the surveys created, and they will be visible to the users as well.

Use Case 2: Workspaces that have Private access 

In this example, Customer pulse is a private workspace. Users who are invited or have access to this workspace alone will be able to view/clone the surveys. 


  • If X has created multiple surveys that are fetching responses, you can be rest assured that all the surveys will collect their responses even when the user account is deleted/removed. 
  • Every survey created by X is secured. In case Y wishes to clone the surveys created by X, it’s just a cakewalk. 

What happens when deleting the user without assigning his/her role to another user?

The behaviour is exactly the same as the above case. Just that the roles will not be assigned to anyone. 

What happens when a user with the role of Account owner is changed to the user who has admin access? 

When X with Account owner role changes his/her access to Y with the Admin role, the roles will be interchanged here. X will become Admin, and Y will become the Account owner. 

Hope you found this article helpful.