Date Question Type

Collect date responses hassle-free with Date question type

Date question type can be used to ask your respondents for a specific date or time. It also makes the respondent to input the date in a format that you want them to follow. 

Date question type allows you to preset the date format in your surveys. With this feature, all your respondents will be made to enter the date in a specific format of your choice- either dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy, making it uniform.

Here is an example to help you understand the feature better.

You run a pharmaceutical company and regularly conduct surveys to analyze the effectiveness of various drugs. You are expected to record the results of these surveys by date and time.

By using Date question type, you can ensure all your participants are marking the date in the same format. 


Let’s see how to use a Date question type in your survey!

1. Create the question that asks for a date as the response



2. Click on the Calendar icon in the toolbar that you can see under the question to select the question type.



3. Select Date and then proceed to choose the desired date format.



4. Preview the question and proceed


Use case:

You run a school and wants to conduct a general knowledge quiz frequently. Date question type in your quiz would help you to compare the results based on different date and time. You can closely monitor the progress your students are making. 

1. Create a question that asks the students to input the date they took the survey.

2. Select the question type as Date



3. Choose the format you want the students to follow



4. Preview the question and proceed.


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