Custom Emails Address to Share Surveys

Configure custom email addresses of your preference to send out your email surveys

When you send out your survey by email, the default email address the survey is sent with has SurveySparrow's domain ( But, if you wish to have a custom domain for the email address instead, for eg., you can do so using the Custom Email Feature.

In this manner, you can put across your organization's domain while sending out surveys offering a more personalized experience. Please note that this feature is part of our Business plan.

Custom Email configuration can be done using the below steps:

Verifying the email address with which you wish to send your surveys:

  1. Sign in to your SurveySparrow account.

  2. On your account home page, click on Settings, and under Email Settings, go to Email.

  3. Select Custom Email and define the Senders Name and your Custom Email Address in the appropriate placeholders and click on Update.


4. Click on Add New Email icon to add new email(s) with custom domain for sharing your surveys.

5. The email address which you've given in the placeholder will receive an email with a verification link. You will have to click on that link to verify your email address.



Note: You need to verify that your custom email address is indeed your own domain. For this, you must update your DNS records on your domain host with the generated DKIM value.

Configure the DNS records in your server:

  1. Copy the generated DKIM record value from the Domain tab under Email settings. Make note of the TYPE, NAME and VALUE details.


2. Sign in to the domain provider account and open administrator tools.

3. Advance to the DNS settings. Select Manage DNS to access your DNS records.



4. Under DNS management, there will be DNS records that are already available.



Note: These above steps might vary based on where you are hosting your domain, please contact your web hosting company for more help. The method however remains the same.

5. Add a new DNS record of the type - TXT. Enter the NAME and VALUE details copied from your SurveySparrow account and Save TXT record.



Note: If your Domain Host is asking for a TTL (Time-To-Live), you can enter a value between 30 minutes to 1 hour, or else leave it blank or default. Once these steps are completed, do anticipate a buffer time of at most 24 hours for the DNS configuration depending on the domain host.

Verification on the SurveySparrow:

  1. Head back to your SurveySparrow account and click on ‘Verify Now’.


2. If the verification is completed successfully, the DKIM records will reflect as verified.



3. Head back to the email settings for custom email and click on ‘Make Default’ to make this email address as your default email for sharing surveys.



4. You can add multiple entries in this section incase of more than one custom mailbox.

5. The newly configured custom email addresses will start reflecting on your email shares on the ‘Send From’ placeholder after the verification email has been verified from the configured mailbox.



6. Now you can send surveys from your custom email address of your choice!

Using this setup, you will have configured ‘Send From’ email addresses to use in the email share based on a drop-down value. This will allow you when you have many support emails and employ your own email address to establish trust.

That’s it!

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