Custom Domain

Configuring a custom domain of your choice for your survey URL

When you build a survey with SurveySparrow, the survey link (for sharing surveys) by default has SurveySparrow's domain, i.e, However, if there is a way to have a custom domain of your choice, like your organization's name or your existing business domain, as the survey URL, it would offer better brand personalization and maintain brand identity.

Custom Domain feature helps you configure the survey URL into the custom domain that reflects your brand. Please note that this is part of our Business Plan.

To configure the custom domain for your SurveySparrow account in the SurveyURL, you will need to do the following steps:


Authorize the Custom Domain on SurveySparrow:

  1. Sign in to your SurveySparrow account.

  2. On your account home page, go to Settings. Under Account Settings, click on General.

  3. Here, insert your domain URL in the Custom domain placeholder and hit on Update.


4. Make a note of the TYPE, NAME and VALUE details. This will be used to configure a DNS record and point it to your SurveySparrow account.

Configure the DNS records in your server:

  1. Head to the domain provider administrator tools and advance to the DNS settings. Select Manage DNS to access your DNS records.

  2. Under DNS management, there will be DNS records that are already available.


3. Add a new DNS record of the type - CNAME.

Note: These above steps might vary based on where you are hosting your domain, please contact your web hosting company for more help. The method however remains the same.



4. Enter the Name and Value details copied from your SurveySparrow account and Save the CNAME record.

Note: If your Domain Host is asking for a TTL (Time-To-Live), you can enter a value between 30 minutes to 1 hour, or else leave it blank or default.



Please remember that each domain provider will have their own format for entering the host details. Ensure to get that right. Contact your domain host in case of doubt.



5. Now you have added a CNAME record successfully and ready to be verified.

6. Head back to your SurveySparrow account and click on ‘Verify Now’.



Note: Once the above steps are all successful, anticipate a buffer time for the verification to be completed. There could be a certain amount of time before these configurations reflect with your DNS host.

7. If the icon next to the URL turns green, your new domain is verified.


8. After the verification is completed successfully, your custom domain is ready to be used and your survey URL will now possess your own brand identity and remove SurveySparrow out of the picture.

Note: After the verification, the domain URL of your SurveySparrow account will still be You'll have to get in touch with your account manager to change the URL to

That’s it!

To validate this configuration, go ahead and enter your newly added custom domain on the URL bar and verify if this is redirecting you to your SurveySparrow account. At the same time, check if the weblinks for the Survey share now contain your business domain. If this is confirmed, the survey can be shared to your audience with the new URL.

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