How to create cases using NPS Workflows?

Automate all your survey responses to reach the right team member & drive immediate actions.

Creating cases in NPS Workflows lets you automate all your survey responses to reach the right team member & drive immediate actions, effortlessly.  

You can simply create a case for your survey responses based on a predefined criteria, automate those responses to any member from your team, and let them solve customer queries instantly. 

Let’s see how it works. 

  1. After creating your NPS survey, navigate to the Configure tab, and Workflows. 

NPS Survey -> Configure tab -> Workflows

2. Click on +New Workflow.

3. Fill in the details, and choose the event condition from the dropdown.

4. Set the predefined conditions (under which condition the responses have to be automated to the respective team member).

5. Select Case under Action from the available options. 

Add a New Workflow -> Fill in the details -> Select Case


6. Now, fill in the subject line and description of the case for future references.

7. Assign it to any team member to take complete ownership of the case. Also, don’t forget to set the priority level of the case. This will help your team member to look into the case accordingly. 

Steve Garner

8. Once everything is done, click on Create to successfully create the new workflow condition.

Note: According to our condition, the NPS responses that have scores less than 5 will be automated to Steve Garner. 

9. As you can see, the score for the NPS Question which is less than 5 is assigned to Steve Garner, and apparently it is created as a new case.

10. When Steve Garner opens Cases from his Survey dashboard. 

Screenshot 2021-08-10 at 11.37.04 AM


11. He can see the list of all the cases assigned to him, under All Cases. Also, he can respond to the customers individually, understand what went wrong for them, and solve the issues.

As an assignee, Steve Garner can follow-up with his customers, and close the continuous feedback loop, effortlessly. Refer to this article to have a complete understanding of how Case Management works, and how to close the feedback loop. 

Hope you found this article helpful. 

Please feel free to reach out to us for any technical assistance. We're more than happy to help you :) 

Will see you in the next one.