How to configure SMS Target in SurveySparrow?

Now you can easily add different SMS targets in SurveySparrow and manage them effectively using the SMS Target feature.

Let's see how it works:

Step 1: Create your SMS Target.

Let’s start by creating an SMS Target. By default, SurveySparrow has Twilio as an SMS Target. To create a New Target, navigate to Settings → Targets → Add New Target. A New target page will open. Enter the Following details:

URL Endpoint: Enter the endpoint URL for send SMS API.


Request Type: POST

Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded


Select message, contact_mobile from the placeholder by clicking Choose placeholder found at the bottom right side of the section. {

"message": "{message}",

"number": "{contact_mobile}",

"sender": "sender_details",


Note: Additionally add API key or Authtoken as per the API documentation of your selected SMS Target.

The following image will give you a better idea on how to configure.



Save the details. You have now successfully created an SMS Target.

Step 2: Select a survey and share it via the Target you had created.

Choose the survey you want to share via SMS and navigate to the Share page and select SMS share from the list of share options. Enter the required details as shown in the below image.



From : Choose the target you created from the dropdown list.

Send to : Choose the name from the list to send the SMS.

Message : The message to be sent. You can configure the message by clicking Edit Text and customize the message.

Test SMS: Before saving, by choosing Test SMS you can test the service to check whether the format and other details are correct.

Finally by choosing Send SMS, an SMS will be delivered to the recipient number.

Step 3: View the status using Target Logs.

It is necessary to check the status of the SMS that was sent. This can be achieved by viewing the Target Logs. Navigate to Settings → Targets→ Target logs to the log files.



Thus we have created a new SMS Target, shared a survey via the Target, and viewed the status of the Target using Target Logs.

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