Configure Single Sign-On for SurveySparrow using Okta

This article explains how you can configure Single Sign-On in SurveySparrow using Okta as your identity provider(IdP).

Let’s see how it works:

  1. Log in to your Okta account. Navigate to Sign On > Configure SAML, and fill in the following fields in their respective formats:

  • Audience URI(SP Entity ID): https://<account>

  • Single Sign-on URL: https://<account>

  • Name ID format: Select EmailAddress from the dropdown list

  • Application username: Select Email from the dropdown list

Click Save.

2. Once you save the details, you’ll see the following screen:

3. Assign the user to your Okta application.

4. The next step is to configure SAML for SurveySparrow. To do this, you’ll require the following details from Okta:

  • SAML Login URL

  • Logout URL(Optional)

  • Security Certificate Fingerprint

5. Sign in to your SurveySparrow account and navigate to Settings > Single Sign-On.

Fill in the fields and click Update.

6. To find the Security Certificate Fingerprint, please follow the steps mentioned below on your Okta dashboard. 

  • Login to your Okta account
  • Navigate to Applications on the left side

You have all the required details. 

Okta SSO 1

7. This is where you will be copying the certificate code. Paste this on your SurveySparrow account, Single Sign-on's X.509 Certificate space. 

Okta SSO | 2

8. You have now configured Single Sign-On in SurveySparrow. You can proceed to test the Okta application and track all successful sign-ins.

And you’re good to go!

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