Uncover insights by cross-tabulating different questions

‘Compare’ helps you understand the relationship between the data in different survey questions in a survey report. With this feature, you can:
  1. Group responses and cross-tabulate it to compare them against the rest of the questions.

  2. Identify Customer Behavioral patterns.

  3. See categorized reports based on more than just report filters.

In short, Compare transforms a normal report into one with rich insights about customer trends and patterns.

Example: You want to identify the customer attitude of millennials for your brand from a particular geographical area. You can initiate this feature by selecting the responses against age and pin code. A report to show how millennials from a certain pin code have responded to the rest of the survey will be displayed.

The reports generated can be saved, downloaded or scheduled to reach the inbox at your convenience.

Let’s see how it works:

  1.  After collecting feedback, click on Reports from the top navigation bar.


2. Here, you’ll see the question-wise details of the data collected.



3. On the left side panel, you have the customization options available for the Reports section. Click ‘+ Add’ against Compare.



4. Select the question and answer/s that you want to cross-tabulate with the rest of the data.



5. Give a name and click Done to display the cross-tabulated report. 



6. Select ‘Save Changes’ to save the report as shown.



7. Click on the Export button to either download it as a PDF or to schedule the report to reach your inbox.



Use case:
You run a supermarket with many outlets all over the country. You conduct employee engagement feedback surveys every quarter, and want to know how your employees at the junior level from your outlet in LA have answered the survey.

  1. Go to the Reports section to begin the process.


2. Click Compare and select the question that asks the employees to mark the outlet they are in.



3. Select the outlet that you want to see the responses for and click Apply.



4. Click “+Add” to add the next question and response to group junior-level employees and click Apply.

Note: Only one comparison can be active at a single point of time.



5. Graphical correlations between the question you selected put against the rest of the questions will be displayed.



6. You can save the view, download or schedule the report.

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